The Aid Fund

for Christian Scientists in need of Nursing Care in the UK

THE AID FUND FOR CHRISTIAN SCIENTISTS IN NEED OF NURSING CARE is a UK charity established to provide financial assistance to pay for the services of a Christian Science nurse.

The assistance is available to any person who

  • is relying for healing entirely upon the religion of Christian Science as taught by Mary Baker Eddy in the Christian Science textbook Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures;
  • is in need of Christian Science nursing care; and
  • is unable, individually or by a parent or guardian (in the case of a minor) to meet the full cost of such nursing care without undue hardship.
Who can make use of its services?
  • Individuals relying solely on Christian Science for healing and who need assistance with the costs of Christian Science nursing care in the United Kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions

To provide financial assistance in the form of grants for persons in the United Kingdom who require Christian Science nursing care and who wish to rely on Christian Science for healing.

It is a charity registered in the UK. It consists of a Board of Trustees and a Secretary/Treasurer, all of whom are practising Christian Scientists.

The services (including travel) of a Christian Science nurse, provided either in a Christian Science House, by a visiting Christian Science nursing service, or by a private duty Christian Science nurse

A person must be in need of Christian Science nursing care, be working with a Journal listed Christian Science practitioner, be relying entirely on Christian Science for healing and be unable to meet the full amount of the charges for Christian Science nursing.

  • Christian Science nurses can be contacted directly
  • Christian Science nurses are listed in the Directory pages of The Christian Science Journal, published each month by the Christian Science Publishing Society
  • You can contact a Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service or a Christian Science House, details of which can also be found in the Directory pages of The Christian Science Journal.
  • If you already are receiving treatment from a Christian Science practitioner, he or she can help with this

Yes, in line with Article VIII SECT. 22 of the Church Manual p.46 where Christian Science practitioners are asked to “hold in sacred confidence all private communications made to them by their patients”

  • The form is available on this website
  • Ask a Christian Science nurse or Christian Science House Manager
  • Contact the Secretary/Treasurer of the Aid Fund by phone or email for an application form

Yes – the Christian Science practitioner and the Christian Science nurse each need to countersign it.

Following a decision by the trustees of The Aid Fund, the means test has been removed from the Application for Assistance for the foreseeable future.

This means that independent of an individual’s personal financial circumstances, if an individual is receiving Christian Science nursing care and wishes to receive full or partial funding from The Aid Fund, please do apply using the form Application for Assistance.

You can refer to our Application Information Guide for an outline of the costs The Aid Fund is able to cover. We also invite you to consider if you are able to make any contribution to the cost of the Christian Science nursing care you receive.

Note: a means test may be resumed at some time, should the need arise.

The invoice for Christian Science nursing care should be signed and attached to the Grant Application Form and sent to the Secretary of the Aid Fund.

Please read our Privacy Policy at the bottom of the home page.

The Aid Fund for Christian Scientists in need of nursing care acknowledges that Christian Science Houses, Christian Science Home Visiting Services, Christian Science nurses and Christian Science practitioners have a legal duty to safeguard from harm any children or vulnerable adults with whom they come into contact, and to prevent bullying or harassment. The Aid Fund will seek to ensure that any of those bodies and persons with whom it has dealings comply with that duty and conduct their business in accordance with the relevant legislation and guidelines. If The Aid Fund or any of its trustees or employees become aware of an allegation of abuse, they will contact the nominated safeguarding trustee as soon as reasonably practicable and the appropriate Safeguarding Board or other authority will be notified.

How to Apply

  • If you are receiving Christian Science nursing care at Lime Tree House the administrator will talk you through the process. This will involve filling a brief financial aid form that will be co-signed by your Christian Science practitioner.
  • Likewise in your home the Christian Science nurse attending you will supply you with a similar form that again will be co-signed by your practitioner.
  • The forms are sent to the Secretary of the Aid Fund and if all is in order the funds are sent to the House or nurse as if you are paying them.
  • Those submitting the form will inform you when these funds are received.
Funding available for Christian Science Practitioner costs:

In cases where an individual is receiving Christian Science nursing care and also needs assistance with Christian Science practitioner costs, the International Fund for Christian Science Nursing Care (IFCSN) would welcome your applications for funding to cover these costs.

About Us


The National Health Service was founded in 1946 to be free at the point of use, funded by central taxation and available for everyone. However, Christian Scientists had to pay for their Christian Science nursing care. Several charities were set up to support the Christian Science nursing facilities and Christian Science nurses, though few helped those individuals who needed or wanted to be nursed at home.

In 1979 The Aid Fund emerged from the consolidation of several of these Christian Science charities. A number of Christian Scientists, primarily members of First Church of Christ, Scientist, London, realized that there was a need for a fund to support patients who needed Christian Science nursing care who would otherwise not be able to afford it – hence the title: “The Aid Fund for Christian Scientists in Need of Nursing Care”.

Guiding Principles

  • The primary principle of The Aid Fund is that the funds are made available for the patient, not the Christian Science nursing facility or the Christian Science nurse. The financial grant is given for the Christian Science nursing that the patient has received. A Christian Science nursing facility or Christian Science nurse does not receive funds unless Christian Science nursing has been administered to a patient who is eligible for assistance and applies to The Aid Fund.
  • A Christian Science nurse who is listed in The Christian Science Journal must oversee each case.
  • The patient should be working for Christian Science healing, i.e. not receiving medicine or medical treatment.
  • The Christian Science practitioner on the case signs each grant application. The Christian Science practitioner should be listed in The Christian Science Journal.

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You can support the Aid Fund through donations, bequests and regular contributions.

You can also donate through Gift Aid by completing a Gift Aid declaration form, which can be downloaded below.

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